Native American Indian Artifacts And Regalia

Native American Pot of Gold Estate Liquidation Auctions is proud to present an exciting collection of Native American Indian artifacts and regalia. In our Aug 25th on-line only auction and continuing through our Sept 1st, 15th, and 26th 2015 auctions you will find an amazing array of authentic, both historic and contemporary, items that are unique and rare.  (more…)

For The Love Of Locomotives…

Iconic Steam Engine Scene

Iconic Steam Engine Scene

Trains…they stir up visions of progress, travel, and even Christmas. Everyone has seen one in their lifetime, and people worldwide hold a reverent and sentimental place for what is probably one of the most iconic creations of the 18th century.

It was 1765 when James Watts invented the steam engine, and nearly a half century later, in 1804, Richard Trevithick took Watts’ idea, and applied it to mass transport, developing the first steam powered locomotive. However it wasn’t for almost another century (60+ years) that the idea to scale down and make “models” of trains was developed.

Since then model trains have become a niche attraction point for people of all ages. For some, “backyard” train sets, large enough to seat people, but small enough to not be considered a commercial operation are a lifetime work in progress, with pieces of track, and scaled down monuments added whenever the “conductor’s” budget allows.  Fortunately for these hobbyists, there are companies that specialize in this, and whose sole purpose is to help keep the dream of owning one’s own train alive and chugging along (Come on…one train pun is okay, right?).  (Read On…)  (more…)

Wagons, Buggies, and Surreys (With The Fringe On Top)…Oh My!

AZ Territory in the 1870s

AZ Territory in the 1870s

Two interesting entrepreneurs…one amazing ranch…a century of history…this is the story of Dutch Joe and Richard Bunger and their attempts to tame part of the truly wild west of Payson Arizona.  And, the next chapter of their story is your opportunity to own piece of History, as Pot Of Gold Auction liquidates nearly 100 wagons, buggies, surreys, stagecoaches, and other rustic and historic items from the Dutch Joe Ranch!

Nearly two decades before Arizona would become an official State, in the late 1800s, a man of German heritage came to the area of Payson, Arizona to stake his claim on the dream that would become the United States.  Joe Meyer, or “Dutch Joe” as he was known, homesteaded a section of land in the northern part of Arizona.  For some 60 years, falling somewhere in the period 1870-1928, “Dutch” Joe created history and legend on his land before he died a somewhat mysterious death at the age of 82.  (Read on…)  (more…)

Genealogy and Auctions Go Hand In Hand


Antique Gouache Ogden Heraldry Coat of Arms; 1730

Antique Gouache Ogden Heraldry Coat of Arms; 1730

Every now and then something extremely cool walks in the door.  Something with history and genealogical intrigue…something with a tantalizing story that it wants to tell, but stays stubbornly silent and mysterious.  Sometimes it’s the things that are small and boring at first glance…until you research them. That’s exactly what I thought when I pulled this small frame off the wall and was ready to list it. It has taken a ton of research and digging to trace all the information and put the pieces of the puzzle together and this particular task was certainly no easy feat! A team effort of literally sifting through boxes of notes, antique ledgers and of course a little luck! And even after all of that, it is still a tantalizing mystery! Read on…

Antique Leather Bound Journal - Oldest Entry 1731 Antique Leather Bound Journal – Oldest Entry 1731 (more…)

Rare Rattan Chair Sold For Only $35 At Auction


Central Rattan Company Stereoviewer Card

Rare finds go unnoticed everyday at Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Consignment and Thrift Shops…and even at our very own auction house! The chair you see below sold here at Pot Of Gold Auctions back on December 14, 2013 for a bargain price of $35. We were recently contacted via email from a seemingly knowledgeable person that this may have been an important piece of Victorian Reed Furniture, that while originally priced at $3.00, would in today’s market be a museum-worthy piece. Read on…


Antique Rattan Chair Sold for $35 At Auction


Guns, Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles online sale auction

Pictures & on-line bidding for all upcoming auctions is available at:

Located at pot of gold estate auction house (215 E Western Ave, Avondale, AZ 85323 (South of the I-10 on Dysart Rd)

February 19, 2013 / Tuesday at 6:00 PM
Same-day Preview 12:noon to Start of Auction.
Fantastic Auction with 400 lots of quality items. You won’t want to miss this no-minimum-bid, Live & Internet Auction which features Guns, ammo, reloading supplies, Coins, Jewelry, & Collectibles! Most items are offered without Reserves!
Preview begins at 12:00 noon, live auction starts at 6:00pm.
always find pictures & on-line bidding at:

A partial list includes:

Firearms (online gun auction)
DTI AR-15 in 223 Semi Auto Rifle
Winchester Model 1892 in 38 WCF
Group Industries HR43325 “UZI” in 9MM
Glock 21 in .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol
Colt Lawman MK III in 357 MAG Revolver
ATI 91/30 Bolt Action Rifle
Norinco MAK 90 in 7.62×39 Semi Auto Rifle
Ornate Antique Black Powder Flintlock Rifle
Reloading .223 reloading supplies and other calibers
7.62 x 54R Ammo, 9mm ammunition  and other calibers

Coins (online coin auction)
$10.00 United States Note series 1901
1928 Hawaii Commemorative Half-$ Gem BU
1914-D Lincoln Head Cent AU
1942/41-P Mercury Dime VG
1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar VF
1915-S Panama Commemorative Half-$ AU
$20.00 Gold Certificate 1882
Red Seal $5.00 United States Notes
1934 Daniel Boone Commemorative Half-$ Gem BU
1996 U.S. Prestige Mint Set Proof
Slab Error 2007 Dollar Coins ICG MS64-65
1932-D Washington Quarter VF
1921-S Buffalo Nickel Very Good

Fine and Estate Jewelry (online jewelry auction)
Sterling Silver Squash Blossom Necklace
Sterling Red Coral Pendant & Earrings Set
Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring
Sterling Silver & Leather Concho Belt
Sterling Cuff Bracelet Signed Zuni J.R.B.
Sterling Silver Natural Turquoise Bracelet, Signed FMA Alamo
Zuni Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace
L/L Dickson Sterling Silver Sunface Bracelet
Sterling Silver Elk Turquoise Belt Buckle
Jewelry Sterling Morenci Spider Turquoise Ring
Zuni Sterling Silver Rainbow Kachina Ring

Model Trains (online train auction)
K-Line NH EP-5 Electric Engine #377 MIB
Lionel Warbonnet O-27 Gauge Electric Train Set MIB
Lionel Santa Fe SD75 Diesel #204 Train Engine MIB
Bachmann Trains Hand Car w/ Trailer # 96201 MIB
Bachmann Royal Blue Electric Train Set MIB
Lionel Operating Mickey & Donald Handcar MIB
K-Line NH William Brewster Diner, 18″ O-Scale MIB

Antiques, Collectibles (online antique collectible auction)
Large Ivory Eagle Statue / Figurine
Masur’s Bakelite Mahjong / Mah Jongg Game Set
Wilesco D5 Steam Engine
Vintage Art Allegorical Scene w/ Gesso Frame
Vintage Child’s Wooden Horse Tricycle
Antique Oak Barber’s Cabinet
Hunting and Fishing Knives-Used
Carved Oriental Jade Figurines
Coach Purple Suede / Leather Tote
Coach Dark Brown Leather Wallet
Metal Boars Head German Helmet Inkwell
Masquerade Illusion Barbie MIB
Designer Purse Dooney & Bourke All Leather
Annette Himstedt Presents” Panchita” & “Poncho” Puppet Kinder
German Hunting Scene Stein With Pewter Thumb Lid
Vintage Betsy Wetsy Doll Set MIB
Handmade Native American Woven Baskets
Vintage McCoy Pottery Puppy Cookie Jar
Signed Native American Indian Style Pottery
Navajo Woven Run Diamond Pattern
Civil War Era Newspaper Philadelphia “Press”
Victorian Style Bohemian Art Cased Glass Vase
Black on Black Manuel Olivas Native American Pottery
Paramount Pictures Audrey Hepburn Mattel DolI MIB
Charles Dickens Weekly Journals Civil War Era
1940 Disney “Sleepy” From Snow White & 7 Dwarfs
My Fair Lady Barbie & Ken Dolls MIB
Franklin Mint Porcelain Great Horned Owl
Brighton Shoulder Bag / Purse
Circa 1880-1890 American Victorian Photos
Vintage Political Pins Nixon / Carter