Pot of Gold Testimonials

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Keith D.

I have been buying from Pot of Gold Auctions for a few years now, and could not be more impressed with the Owner, Dan and his Fabulous Staff, whether in person or on the phone. A true, honest, upfront auction company from the top to the bottom. A pleasure knowing you all. Thank you!

Julie W.

“Pot of Gold is amazing! The wonderful ladies at the auction house took care of all my personal antiques and sold them for me since I was downsizing and moving. They took beautiful pictures and handled all the details. Use them for every auction you have and visit their showroom; they have tons of cool stuff to buy! Thanks again Pot of Gold!”

Hannah L

“This is the absolute best auction house in the west valley! These are the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, such a great treasure trove of high end quality antiques and collectibles! The Todd family is AMAZING!”

Eric E

“I’ve been a long time buyer and now I’ve started selling. This is a 100% upstanding, honest business run by great people! I love bidding on the coins but often end up also buying interesting works of art or artifacts. Our cabin has wonderful antiques that we found at this local treasure trove.

Highly recommended! Great stuff on their website.”

Peggy H

“Thanks so much – you always make transactions so easy! I used to live in AZ and was able to pick my items up in person, but purchasing online works out great!”