A New Year’s Surprise


Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life and stripped of options because there was not enough money to do what was best for you?  That is exactly what, a gentleman, who we will call Charles, was faced with.  Charles was at the point in his life when he had to downsize not by choice but by necessity.  He was faced with selling off his belongings to try and raise the much needed funds, but knew he did not poses anything of significant value.  Charles contacted an Auction House he had heard about… Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions and asked the owner to come to his home and evaluate what items could be sold at auction.


Pardon Our Mess…

Barrier For Safety
If you have ever stopped by in between auctions you will see that during those in-between days the show-room looks more like a storage room, and is not ready for visitors (or “company”, as my Grandma used to say).  This has occasionally frustrated those who would like to pop in and take a look around, but in our endeavor to offer superior service we allow access to preview items only on auction day.  This truly is for the benefit of offering both consignors and bidders a safe, secure, and organized experience when visiting Pot Of Gold. ~Cheryl

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Research, research, research…

Steps you can take to ensure a pleasant and successful auction experience

Reality TV has become somewhat of a staple in our culture. One of the “realities” highlighted recently is the exciting world of auctioning, which has reminded a whole new generation of the hidden treasures to be found at auction! Auctions have always been a great way to make extra money, whether that’s by consigning your stuff to sell or buying items at a low cost with the hope of selling high and making a profit. These are both great ways to earn a little extra cash, and there are steps you can take to ensure a pleasant and successful experience. The key to success in this business, whether you are a buyer or a seller? Research, research, research. An informed bid is always a successful bid!


How do I know it is real?

The recent consignment of celebrity and sports autographs has brought about a lot of conversation about both the exciting items themselves, and the companies who authenticate these wonderful pieces of American history. We have received phone calls and emails from people who are excited for the opportunity to own the signature of a beloved star or sports legend, but the question arises, “How do I know if it is a genuine autograph?”  (more…)

Estate Sales: Do-It-Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional Estate Liquidation Company

We recently had the opportunity to have an email-based conversation with a potential client.  The question at hand was: “Should a family attempt to organize and run their own sale, or is it best to hire a professional?”

Later in this post I will share that email exchange, but first let’s consider the driving reasons behind this question.

First, the idea behind Do-It-Yourself projects of any kind are, to some degree, based on the notion that it will cost less.  Or, in the case of Estate Liquidating, the idea is that more money will be netted by the family if no commission fees are being paid out to a professional.  In my experience, as both a previous Do-It-Myself-er, and as a current Professional Estate Liquidator, I believe this is a false premise.  Professionals have (more…)

What to know before you sell.

Hey Gang!

Our customers (those we already know, and even those we haven’t yet met) are very important to us.  And whether you sell through Pot of Gold Estate Liquidations or someone else, we want you to make an eduacated decision. 

Here is alink to an excellent article from Kovels.com cautioning against selling to “Special Event” buyers.  There are many reputable buyers out there, but do your homework, and know what you are selling, and approximately what value to place on it before you attend one of these “Special Events”.