How do I know it is real?

The recent consignment of celebrity and sports autographs has brought about a lot of conversation about both the exciting items themselves, and the companies who authenticate these wonderful pieces of American history. We have received phone calls and emails from people who are excited for the opportunity to own the signature of a beloved star or sports legend, but the question arises, “How do I know if it is a genuine autograph?” 

The answer to that is simple. If you trust the authenticator, then you trust that the autograph is genuine.

We advise our bidders to educate themselves before placing a bid on any item: autographed collectibles, coins, jewelry, artwork, furniture, etc. Always research before you buy – don’t take one person’s word as the end-all-be-all – use the wonderful tools available on the Internet to compare differing viewpoints to make an informed bid.

Most auction consignments come with very little verifiable history and provenencial information, but others, such as certified and graded coins and authenticated autographs are backed by the professional opinion of a trained authenticator.

In such cases, the bidder has the opportunity to research the reputation of the company or person who has offered their expertise in the form of a certificate of authenticity (as in artwork or autographs), or grading certificate (as in coins and collectible cards).

Knowledge empowers you to make an informed bid, and may well give you the winning edge you need to build your collection with auction treasures!