Native American Indian Artifacts And Regalia

Native American Pot of Gold Estate Liquidation Auctions is proud to present an exciting collection of Native American Indian artifacts and regalia. In our Aug 25th on-line only auction and continuing through our Sept 1st, 15th, and 26th 2015 auctions you will find an amazing array of authentic, both historic and contemporary, items that are unique and rare.  (more…)

“Art” You Looking For A Great Father’s Day Gift?

Are you looking for something unique and special for a Father’s Day gift? The June 16, 2015 Auction at POG, which is just 5 days before Father’s Day, is just the place to start! This auction offers a large collection of limited edition wildlife conservation and cowboy art. What is so special about this artwork? Click here and you will find a number of lots which feature noted Arizona artists. Perhaps you prefer the whimsical styling of artist Russell Houston who creates an amusing series of cowboy golf.  The art of Gerry Metz captures wildlife such as bear and elk in their natural habitats and his fly fishing scenes make you wish you were right there alongside him. Read More… cowboy golf  (more…)

Who Is Jimmy Yellowhair?


Original Oil by Jimmy Yellowhair: Tungwup Ta-amu Kachina or Whipper’s Uncle Kachina, a guardian standing in front of a woven basket containing corn

If you are looking for some great Native American Indian original artwork to compliment your southwestern décor then look no further than Pot of Gold Estate Liquidation Auction. Coming up in just a few short weeks in our Nov 4th auction, 2014 for example we have not one but two pieces of original oil on canvas paintings by famed Navajo artist Jimmy Yellowhair.  If you do a quick internet search to determine where to find and buy work by this sought after artist you will be directed to several galleries and showrooms.

Jimmy Yellowhair is a Navajo artist from Houck , Arizona where he lives on the reservation in a hogan, which is a (Read on…) (more…)

Movin’ On Up…

jewelrytree  A little less than a decade ago Pot Of Gold Auction opened our doors as a small mom-and-pops venture.  Over the years we have sold a variety of items…an interesting mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly…but always with an eye to bringing in better and better consignments.  We always want to be accessible to bidders who have a smaller budget, while also appealing to high end clientele.  And sometimes a single item can bridge that entire span.  A simple “kitschy” item like the Jewelry Christmas Tree collage you see here is made of inexpensive costume, rhinestone jewelry, but because of the style and period the piece reflects it can actually command quite a high price to the right bidder! Read on…  (more…)

Pardon Our Mess…

Barrier For Safety
If you have ever stopped by in between auctions you will see that during those in-between days the show-room looks more like a storage room, and is not ready for visitors (or “company”, as my Grandma used to say).  This has occasionally frustrated those who would like to pop in and take a look around, but in our endeavor to offer superior service we allow access to preview items only on auction day.  This truly is for the benefit of offering both consignors and bidders a safe, secure, and organized experience when visiting Pot Of Gold. ~Cheryl

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Rare Rattan Chair Sold For Only $35 At Auction


Central Rattan Company Stereoviewer Card

Rare finds go unnoticed everyday at Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Consignment and Thrift Shops…and even at our very own auction house! The chair you see below sold here at Pot Of Gold Auctions back on December 14, 2013 for a bargain price of $35. We were recently contacted via email from a seemingly knowledgeable person that this may have been an important piece of Victorian Reed Furniture, that while originally priced at $3.00, would in today’s market be a museum-worthy piece. Read on…


Antique Rattan Chair Sold for $35 At Auction