Who Is Jimmy Yellowhair?


Original Oil by Jimmy Yellowhair: Tungwup Ta-amu Kachina or Whipper’s Uncle Kachina, a guardian standing in front of a woven basket containing corn

If you are looking for some great Native American Indian original artwork to compliment your southwestern décor then look no further than Pot of Gold Estate Liquidation Auction. Coming up in just a few short weeks in our Nov 4th auction, 2014 for example we have not one but two pieces of original oil on canvas paintings by famed Navajo artist Jimmy Yellowhair.  If you do a quick internet search to determine where to find and buy work by this sought after artist you will be directed to several galleries and showrooms.

Jimmy Yellowhair is a Navajo artist from Houck , Arizona where he lives on the reservation in a hogan, which is a (Read on…) primary, traditional dwelling of the Navajo people.  As a side note (from wikipedia), hogans can be round, cone-shaped, multi-sided, or square; with or without internal posts; timber or stone walls and packed with earth in varying amounts or a bark roof for a summer house, with the door facing east to welcome the rising sun for good wealth and fortune.

Jimmy Yellowhair’s paintings date from the 1960s to present. Exhibitions of Jimmy Yellowhair’s work includes the Gambaro Museum in Washington, D.C., the Mid-America Arts Center in Wichita, Kansas, London England, and many other places.

If you have never been to one of our live auctions, or maybe you have attended but it has been a while, you should consider stopping in on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday of each month. Preview begins at noon on those days and the live auction action starts at 6pm.

Happy Bidding!!!

~Marilyn L (Antiques & Collectibles Research and Evaluation Specialist, Pot Of Gold Auctions)