Timeless Waterford Crystal

Waterford_CrystalThe company was established by two brothers named, William and George Penrose in 1783. The company got its name from the Irish Harbor town it was located in, Waterford. Their vision was to “create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home.” The company employed between 50-70 people , led by John Hill a Quaker from England. They produced exquisite crystal with brilliant color unmatched by others. Merchant ships sailed regularly from Waterford with cargos filled with the beautiful crystal, headed for Spain, New York, New England, the West Indies, and Newfoundland.

Less than 100 years later the company sadly failed because of high taxation and lack of capital. But in 1947, just after World War 2, a glass factory was set up in Waterford near the original site and took off from there and is now the leading brand of premium crystal. The company now produces Waterford China, Waterford Table & Bed Linens, Waterford Stainless Flatware and Silver Gifts, Waterford Writing Instruments, Waterford Holiday Heirlooms and Waterford Crystal Jewelry. The company has such beautiful crystal patterns that will stay in style for years to come!

We have several Waterford Crystal pieces in the auction on March 5th, 2013!

The consignor of these items collected beautiful crystal pieces from all over, their favorite crystal maker was of course, the famous, Waterford. The most extravagant piece they owned was the Waterford crystal nine- arm prism chandelier, which you have a chance of owning and hanging in your own home at a great auction price!


Did you know?

–          Crystal is a high quality glass with lead content of 24-33% which gives each piece its weight and strength. Additionally the high lead content makes the crystal soft allowing for cutting at sharp angles creating beautiful sparkling refractions.


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