How did we find our FANTASTIC Auctioneers???

Bobby D. Ehlert, Noah Ehlert, & Gary Dehler

Many people have asked us how we found such an awesome family of Auctioneers and long story short here you go….

My parents, Danny and Cheryl Todd, moved into a new neighborhood when I was in middle school, while living there I became friends with the boy who lived down the street. That boy’s name is Cody, and his dad’s name is Gary (you might be catching on). While we lived in that neighborhood my parents were mostly in the Estate Sale buisness and had no thoughts of opening an auction house. A few years later Cody and his family moved to the East Valley, the neighborhood was sad to see the lovely family go.

Then my Freshman year of highschool came and it was time for a my parents to find a new “hobby” otherwise known as a buisness (they are always out to find the next big adventure by turning something they love into a buisness). They loved auctions and attended them quite often. One day my dad got the idea to open his own! They found the building, painted, bought showcases, and even found consignors, but what about the all-so-important auctioneer?? After giving it some thought the lightbulb came on, “wasn’t Cody’s dad, Gary, an auctioneer?” Right then they called Gary and explained that they would love to have him be the auctioneer for Pot of Gold Estate Auctions. Gary was very interested and also told my parents that it was somewhat of a family buisness, his wife, Colleen, and step sons, Noah and Bobby D. are also auctioneers, Cody also helps out with calling.

They are not only FANTASTIC, they are also award winners! They have won various awards over the years and we are very blessed to have them as part of our POG Family!