Auctions Connect Passions and the Passionate.

We have such a great job!  We meet the nicest people, and get the joy of connecting people who have a passion for collecting with the objects of their desire.  One of our regular consignors has a HUGE collection of cartoon cels – Disney, Lil’ Abner, Woody Woodpecker, Terry & the Pirates – you name it, he’s either got it, or has had it at some point in the past.  As he consigns each cel we get the thrill of hearing him tell us how he aquired the cel; what significance it has to him and his collection; and why he is letting it go to it’s next home.  As we list those cels into our catalog we get a true sense of passing along a piece of history and legacy.  How  many people get to say THAT about thier jobs?! 

Tell us YOUR favorite auction story!