Vijal Ludlow

Vijal is an avid reader of history and historical fiction, with a primary focus on the Tudor period due to her fascination with King Henry VIII. Vijal and her family are self- described “history nerds” who love to learn about everything from World War II to the early Vikings. Vijal speaks five languages and she used to work for the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia as the Events Coordinator. In that position she helped plan many events at the British Embassy and the Ambassador’s Residence, including the Queen’s Birthday, Fundraising Galas to benefit refugees and other non-profit organizations including The Burns night for the Caledonian Society. She continues her volunteer work stateside as well working with refugee organizations. Vijal has lived and worked in many different countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. She has been married for 22 years and has two children and 3 dogs. She enjoys traveling, reading and watching old 80s sitcoms. To reach Vijal you can email her at: