Ray Thomas – Photographer

Ray’s passion for firearms started at birth, practically, when he was given a double-barrel shotgun and .22 rifle at birth (“Thanks Grandpa Thomas!”). He grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen in Kentucky and firearms have been a natural part of his life. Ray’s other passion is photography, specifically photojournalism, the telling of stories through photographs. He has worked for newspapers and magazines across the country and also enjoys photographing outdoor nature scenes while on back country hiking excursions. Ray also is a Navy veteran and as a member of Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club was a photojournalist stationed in Maine where he photographed amazing service personnel doing phenomenal tasks all over the Atlantic, on both sides of the pond. Growing up in Kentucky, living in the very small town Eminence and then Louisville, his family spent every possible opportunity in nature hunting, fishing and camping and in scouting. Now for the past 18 years Ray has lived in Goodyear and enjoys the small town feeling of “down home” neighborly community found, here, in the West Valley. In his spare time, Ray teaches 3rd grade, shoots competitively with his friends, and goes camping every chance he gets.

Favorite firearms: Beretta