Karen Brockman

Karen and her family moved to Goodyear to escape the winters of the Pacific Northwest and begin a new life with her adult children and her grandchildren.  Karen enjoys outdoor activities, exploring off road and researching the history of the area.  Having lived in a newer city previously (developed in 1940’s) moving to Arizona gave her a new place to love and do research.  Karen worked within the criminal justice system where she was a Court Investigator, then an Executive Director for a Child Trauma Center and a Homeless Teen Shelter.  Karen is also a partner in Journey Home Rescue for dogs and deploys with Red Rover on Emergency Events such as Hurricane recovery and relocation of animals. She currently serves as an appointed liaison for a Federal Children’s Justice Program.  Beginning a new career has allowed her to expand her passion for antiques and collectibles.  To reach Karen, email her at: Karen@POGAuctions.com