Janice Eckert

Janice moved to the valley several years ago when she finally decided to flee the cold Northeast with her horses, dogs, and cats in tow. She grew up in Massachusetts, not too far from the wonderfully historic city of Boston and she spent many days with her parents exploring the historical sites of Boston and other cities and towns around New England. As a history buff Janice has traveled to many great places in the US and abroad to see and explore historical sites firsthand. From her love of history stemmed her passion for antiques, collectibles, and all things historical. Items of antiquity all have a story and Janice loves when people have an appreciation for antiques. Over the years Janice has collected historical post cards, coins, antique mission and craftsman furniture, art, and antique jewelry, as well as items from the Art Nouveau era. As a youngster Janice enjoyed going to flea markets, antique shops, and yard sales with her family hunting for treasures and that continues to this day. In her spare time, Janice’s favorite places to be are with her husband and their family and many pets, at the barn with her horses, or in the forests and small towns of Northern Arizona. To reach Janice, email her at: Janice@POGAuctions.com