DeAna Janco

“Born and raised in Glendale, AZ.  Lived in Arizona until I begin to follow my husband around, as he advanced his career – relocating to Orlando, FL, Wilmington, NC and Nashville, TN. He tried to get away, but I kept on tagging along. I’ve had a lengthy career in advertising sales to include TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine advertising.  Most recently worked with a local motorcycle association – selling advertising in their monthly magazine and working with vendors on booth sales at their annual motorcycle rally. I addition to my previous employment, I’ve assisted, on the side, with marketing the AZFirearms / Pot of Gold brand on-site at various events. You might have seen me at the entrance of various guns shows – passing out the sea of green AZF/POG tote bags.  I’ve been affectionately referred to as “The Bag Lady” at these events.  I’m thrilled to now join this AZF / POG staff “family” on a regular basis.”