Remembering an awesome POG Auction Moment! A 150 year old bible is “brought home”! (VIDEO)


A family reunited with an heirloom

Ann Abbott-Stong and her family traveled all the way from Colorado in hopes of being reunited with the family bible.

This unassuming leather bound book becomes a huge blessing connecting the past with the present:

1864 Family Bible w/ Genealogy & Photos
A Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments which was published by John Edwin Potter in Philadelphia in 1864. In 1868 the Bible was presented to Peter V. Van Arsdale by his father. The Bible contains 768 pages, is leather bound with a metal clasp lock. The pages between the Old and New Testament contain a fascinating family genealogy and family portraits. There are several loose items in the Book as well, a couple of locks of hair, a peacock feather, news clippings, and other items. Book is well worn due to age and use, the leather cover is worn and some of the pages have foxing.

Watch this heartwarming story of how one of our bidders used her love of genealogy to track down the family of which this 150 year old Bible holds the family history.  Grab a tissue and enjoy!

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