Movin’ On Up…

jewelrytree  A little less than a decade ago Pot Of Gold Auction opened our doors as a small mom-and-pops venture.  Over the years we have sold a variety of items…an interesting mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly…but always with an eye to bringing in better and better consignments.  We always want to be accessible to bidders who have a smaller budget, while also appealing to high end clientele.  And sometimes a single item can bridge that entire span.  A simple “kitschy” item like the Jewelry Christmas Tree collage you see here is made of inexpensive costume, rhinestone jewelry, but because of the style and period the piece reflects it can actually command quite a high price to the right bidder! Read on…  (more…)

Size Matters…

When you are bidding on line, and you see something like this majestic Eagle Bolo Tie, it looks larger than life…prideful, stately bird that represents the greatest nation on earth…it’s got to be about a foot tall, right? Read on for a helpful hint…


Patek Philippe watch gold 18kt Geneve selling at auction

patek philippe 18kt (carat) solid gold watch is selling for a discounted price at an online jewelry auction Lot 311.

patek philippe gold watch

patek philippe 18 Karat gold watch

We usually have  women and men gold watches of varying purity (9kt, 14 kt, 18kt) and varying colors like rose, yellow and white gold sometimes accompanied with diamonds , functional design is often Swiss or chronograph, or quartz  ).  The gold watch manufacturers such as Movado, Citizen, Cartier, Invicta & Bulova will vary in each auction.  Here you can find our current Gold watches on sale

Here is an interesting trend shown in completed online Gold watch auctions  that reflects the big price changes over the past 7 years.