Vintage Tractors ARE our American History

Ertl Precision Series 1, "The Farmall F-20" McCormick Deering, International Harvester Company.

Who doesn’t love vintage tractors?! 

They are so rich with the history of America – farming, industrialization, westward expansion, agricultural world trade commodity…you name it!  It is understandable why people would want to own a piece of that history!  

While it’s a little difficult to collect the full-size versions…where on earth would you put them?!…these miniatures are a GREAT alternative!  Whether you love the 1:16 or the 1:32 scale, the attention to detail on the Ertl and Franklin Mint brand models, especially, are AMAZING!  Model tractor collecting is an fun and contagious hobby, and with good reason.  America’s Heartland, and the farming families across our nation are our backbone and our heritage. 

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