Pot of Gold Testimonials

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Jim M.

“I received the consignment checks from you for the items that you recently sold for me. Your write–ups of all of the items were superb, amazingly impressive, & extremely thorough!!!! I thank you so very much for your fine work! I look forward to consigning some more items with you in the future. Happy selling & keep up the good work! All the best for 2013! “

Mary K.

“They ship SUPER FAST, and are 500% trustworthy! Just bought 4 unique jewelry items from their Oct. 2nd sale & I am sure they will be here in Iowa tomorrow! RECOMMEND!

Chet C.

“I have to tell you what a class act we think you guys are…all of you. Your hospitality, your courtesies, your demeanor even Noah’s side-bar comments during the auction are just FIRST CLASS. I just want you to know that we appreciate your WHOLE PACKAGE. Thx again..And PS….PLEASE LEAVE YOUR AUCTIONS AS THEY ARE….THEY RUN PERFECTLY!!! That’s why we keep coming back!”

Len E.

You truly all are the best there is in the business!”

Bob B.

“I got my toys that I bid on at your last auction. All are in great condition. Very proud of your quick shipping. I will be back.”