Harley Davidson Historical Sign Needs A Good Home

We were contacted by the owner of this historical sign who offers the following bit of information:
This fabulous sign was taken down from the Harley Davidson Corporate building in Milwaukee, WI in 2008 by The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company, marking the 105th anniversary. Sadly no replacement sign was put back up over time. The massive sign was carefully removed by an authorized Harley maintenance crew. The sign was issued as “pass” by Harley to one of the men on the crew. A “pass” is written permission for Harley property to be removed by contractors, employees, etc. The owner of this sign and another man performed some home remodeling work for the Harley employee and the two of them agreed to take the sign as payment for the work done. In 2008 the housing market was flush and the two men thought of the sign as an investment. Since that time the sign has been stored in indoor storage. When the bottom dropped out of the home remodeling business the men began to talk of selling the sign. So the pair unwrapped it, assembled it, and have it available for viewing with the hopes of selling it to a good home. The men, living in Harley’s Home town thought the Harley museum would want it but turns out the museum only accepts donations. This is what brought them to Pot of Gold Estate Auctions in hopes of finding a home and buyer for the sign. Some additional interesting facts are that it was the only lighted sign that ever hung on the Juneau Street Headquarters but based on the signs’ ability to be broken up and displayed in 3 separate pieces there were years when one of the bookends (bar & shield logo) were displayed separately.

POG is excited to be part of the search for a new home for this historical sign but because of the logistics of shipping the sign from Milwaukee, WI to Avondale, AZ we decided to take the unusual step of letting the world know that this gem is available and you can contact the owner directly if interested.
Bob at this email address: dieselfitter11@yahoo.com, and welcomes any serious interest…and tell him his friends at Pot of Gold sent you!