Second Quarter Consignor POG Newsletter

Hello to all of our great regular consigners and a warm welcome to our new consigners. The 1st quarter of 2012 was a huge success with significant increases in both our on-line activity and bidder audience!

Due to the terrific response we have received from our KTAR advertisements, our endorsement by Dave Ramsey, and adding Joey “Rocketshoes” Dillon as a spokesperson, we have been able to offer our consigners exposure to hundreds of new bidders. Check out our display booth at the Brass Armadillo where we feature items that have already been listed for a future auction. This has proved to be a very successful advertising tool with several new bidders citing it as how they heard of us.

The 2nd quarter promises to be just as exciting as the last one. In April, along with our regular 1st and 3rd Tuesday auctions we are supporting the Youth Programs at Camelback Community Church with a Charity Auction to be held on April 14th. Need to find a great Mother’s Day gift? You are sure to find something special in our on-line only Jewelry Auction which ends on April 30th. We are also very pleased to announce our next great Saturday Auction to be held on May 19th. Check out our catalogs in production for 2012. 



If you have any background information on your items please let us know. A good description can make a huge difference to our bidder audience. It is not necessary to compose a complete description of your items but if you know specific information about, or the provenance of an item please share that information with us. Obvious hallmarks and signatures that are easily identified do not require identification by the consigner. Things that will help the listing associate make a good description are:

a) Manufacturer name, if not readily identifiable.

b) Artist’s name if an item has an indistinguishable signature and you know who the artist is.

c) Working condition, if applicable.

d) Documented history (provenance) or certificates of authenticity increase interest as well as the value of items.

e) Dust if off! We are not asking you to deep-clean, and you never want to go to the time and trouble of polishing bronze, or brass, and you NEVER want to clean or polish coins, or firearms. However, you can use a dry cloth to get the dust off. Glass items can be washed in a mild detergent solution. A dust free item will photograph much better and may bring a higher bid.

f) In order to maintain the highest standards of our auctions, broken, chipped and cracked items are not generally accepted. Any exceptions will be listed as broken, chipped, cracked or repaired, as is appropriate.


Using our years of experience and expertise, Pot of Gold management reserves the right to verify all statements and to make the final determination on how items are lotted and listed.

Similar to the fluctuations in the Stock Market is the activity present in the bidder market. Items that bring a good price in one auction may bring a lower price in the next auction. Excluding coins, guns, sterling silver and jewelry which always seem to do well in our auctions, we offer you the following feedback for the period of January through March 2012:

Best selling items (Strong Market):

a) vintage toys

b) autographs

c)  musical instruments

Least selling items (Weak Market):

a) furniture

b) miscellaneous glassware

c) dolls



a) When you drop your items off the POG associate will attempt to make an immediate determination if items are in acceptable condition for listing and if they can be listed separately or need to be grouped with other items. We may initially accept items that will be determined later as unacceptable, at which point you will be notified of your “returns”.

b) RETURNS: Each time you come into our facility please check with the associate to determine if you have items that need to be returned. We have very limited storage space to retain items that are not going to be listed in a future auction. We appreciate your contributions to our auctions. Please feel free to contact any of our associates with any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you for helping us towards reaching our goal of making Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations Auctions the BEST in business!


Managers – Cheryl & Dan
Senior Associate – Cassie
Senior Associate & Photographer – Jeff
Associate & Newsletter Editor – Marilyn
Associate – Kara