Gentlemen Prefer Stickpins

A Dandy way to be Dapper is to adorn your necktie with a Victorian Era Stickpin

In preparation for this month’s Stickpin Auction, on August 28th we wanted to share a little bit of history of The Stickpin.  The auction is online only, and features one person’s ENTIRE COLLECTION.  This is an exciting opportunity for Pot Of Gold and our bidders, so don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of Victorian History!  Click here to read a wonderful article on the history of these little lovelies.

It begins: Stickpins are a fascinating subject for study and more importantly a wonderful object to collect and to wear. They are a very personal form of adornment and reflect in a subtle way the personality and taste of the wearer.The wearing of stickpins began as a practical method of securing the voluminous neckwear, that was worn, both as a practical way of keeping warm and protecting the shirt from the debris of careless eaters, but also as part of the fine feathers of the strutting gentlemen peacocks of the eighteenth century…