Surplus bullets & ammunition in bulk gives way to shortage of ammo for sale

The cheaper than dirt ammo environment from a few short years ago has led to a crippling shortage of supplies around the country. Causes of this shortage are highlighted in the latest new news articles.
Ammo shortage as gun debate continues (USA Today)
Gun shops face massive ammunition shortage (CNN)

current ammo for sale

are the days of surplus bullets & ammunition in bulk coming back?

Until recently we usually had bulk 223 ammo & bulk bullets, 45 acp ammo, 380 ammo, bulk 9mm ammo & bullets, wolf ammo, 40 cal ammo, ar 15 ammo, 7.62×39 ammo, 50 cal ammo, rimfire 22 mag ammo, 7.62x54r ammo
Here you can find our current ammo for sale.

If you are blessed with surplus bullets, ammunition in bulk, rifle bullets, gun ammo or shot gun ammunition of any caliber then we are accepting consignments for our future online ammo auctions.  Reloading supplies and tools have also really come into high demand.

The ammunition shortage has affected ammo price trends recently.  Take a look at the completed online ammo auctions below that reflects the big price changes over the past 7 years.

This ammo has just become available at our sister company azfirearms com but changes daily

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See market  price changes of  online Gun Auction  results  over the past 7 years. Wow see how the recent news stories have made an impact.

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partial list for 3/5/13 follows:

Rock River Arms AR-15 in .223 Semi Auto Rifle
NAA Derringer in .22LR Single Action Revolver
Kassnar 16 MK IV in .22LR Semi Auto Rifle
Glock 21 in .45ACP Semi Auto Pistol
Seecamp Pocket Pistol in 32 ACP Pistol
Winchester 94 in 30 WCF Lever Action Rifle
Savage 121 in .22LR Bolt Action Rife
Taurus The Judge in 410/.45 Revolver
Holsters & Cases

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How can I buy a gun at Online Auction House

We frequently get calls and emails asking this question.

How can I buy a gun at online auction house?

Before you read any further if you want to buy from a traditional online gun shop then visit our sister company .

Disclaimer:  Anyone who is legally allowed to own firearms is allowed to buy them here. It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all Federal, state, and local laws when using this site.

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Detailed instructions on how to buy guns online at

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    2. Search then browse for the gun you are looking for by typing the word “gun” in the keyword field at the top of the page.
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    4. When you find the gun you want then enter “your max bid” and click “place bid”.
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