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June 23, 2014

Size Matters…

When you are bidding on line, and you see something like this majestic Eagle Bolo Tie, it looks larger than life…prideful, stately bird that represents the greatest nation on earth…it’s got to be about a foot tall, right? Read on for a helpful hint…

bolo_eagle_tag Often, people tell us: “It is so hard to tell how big an item is when looking at the picture online!” Even with the measurements listed it can be hard to visualize how big or small something is until you see it in person. One little tip I would like to share with you is that our “POG” lot tags are roughly the size of a business card. Every item we sell will have a lot tag pictured with it. So, next time you are struggling with trying to figure out how big or small an item is, think about the tag being the size of a business card. It just might help a bit!
Happy bidding!
~Cassie T-J (Antiques & Collectibles Research and Evaluation Specialist, Pot Of Gold Auctions)


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