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About Us

Founders: Cheryl & Dan Todd
Founded in 1995 by Dan & Cheryl Todd

Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC DBA AZFirearms.com is backed with over 60 years of combined industry experience.

Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC DBA AZFirearms.com provides top-notch Estate Sales, Internet & Live Auctions , great customer support, and prices that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC DBA AZFirearms.com has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!
From left to right: Kimberly, Marilyn, Jeff, Danny, Kim, Cheryl, Baby Rae, Cassie, Scott

Our fine staff is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds in firearms, coins, jewelry, and antiques of every kind.

We each have our own areas of expertise, and a serious passion for what we do. Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and here to serve your unique needs!

Cassie Todd- JamesonCassie Todd-Jameson - Cassie is literally part of the Pot Of Gold Family; she is Dan and Cheryl's only child. Cassie has lived in the Litchfield / Avondale area all her life. She was raised in the world of antiques and collectibles. Cassie grew up helping in the family's various businesses, and used to "go-antiquing", and attending shows like the Phoenix Fairground Antique Shows with her parents and their friends. When Cassie isn't working she is spends time with family and friends, taking photographs, or traveling! She loves anything and everything Disney and visits Disneyland in Anaheim as often as she can. Cassie is married to Jason Jameson, who is one of our fabulous volunteers! To reach Cassie email her at Cassie@azfirearms.com .

Marilyn LeonardMarilyn Leonard - Marilyn has a diverse background, having traveled the world with her now retired Army spouse, Dave, who is a Team Leader at our sister company, AZFirearms.com. Marilyn spent a total of seven years in Germany where she was able to travel to many countries including Switzerland, Austria and France. In Germany Marilyn visited many crystal, porcelain and glass factories, the Steiff factory, old castles, and every antique shop she could find. Her love and interest in antiques comes from these many travels. Marilyn and her husband have two adult children and are blessed with four grandchildren. To reach Marilyn email her at Marilyn@potofgoldestate.com.

From left to right,(front seat):Trevor "Chaco" & Jason, (backseat):Clint, Alexis, Katie, & Wes


Twain TiptionTwain Tipton- Twain Tipton has a diverse background in art that includes 20 years as a graphic artist, illustrator and 40 years as a fine artist. Those years of experience give Twain a keen eye for art and evaluations. His paintings and limited edition prints are in many private collections and he has one painting as part of the permanent collection of The Alaska Museum of History and Art in Anchorage Alaska and another painting will be part of their permanent collection of the new Alaska State Museum in Juneau Alaska. He moved down here 8 years ago with his wife and loves the desert and arctic life. He has a cabin in Alaska and still has a deep connection with that state. His expertise also includes knowledge of many native, Asian, European contemporary and ancient art forms including vintage and modernist art glass, pottery and design and understands aspects of the history and evaluation of antiques and collectibles. Has a knowledge of the natural sciences as well. To reach Twain email him at twain@potofgoldestate.com

Kimberly SchneiderKimberly Schneider - First and foremost Kimberly's passion is for photography. She fell in love with photography at age 8 when her parents gave her her first pink camera. From then on, she has always been mesmerized with capturing those "moments"- those memories. Kimberly enjoyed telling stories with her pictures, so she decided to study Photo-journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography. Since graduating she has used her camera all around Arizona in studio photography, Magazines, Fashion, Real Estate, Sports, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings. Kimberly is usually seen standing on ladders or crawling on the ground to get the most interesting and intriguing image possible. Being a trained, experienced photojournalist Kimberly knows what to photograph and how to photograph it to really capture the essence of the item, person or event, some images are also unique in how they draw a person in and set the mood for the ambiance, the colors, the treats and the details.
Kimberly has a credo - "I strive to capture the essence of everything. I LOVE WHAT I DO..." To reach Kimberly email him at photos@potofgoldestate.com.

Kim BishopKim Bishop - Kim Bishop- Kim is our Public Relations and Marketing Consultant and is also a part of the family! Kim has an extensive background in PR and Marketing and brings over 20 years of experience to both Pot of Gold and our sister company AZFirearms. You will see Kim at many of our special events and charity functions. She loves auctions so much that she puts a lot of energy into getting the word out about how much fun it is to come to auction night and what great treasures you will find at Pot of Gold! Kim is an outgoing personality who never meets a stranger and is always eager to help out. Kim has lived in the Goodyear/Avondale area for over 30 years. She is a huge dog lover and will never fail to show you photos of her two ‘fur’ babies, Boots and Bailey. To reach Kim email her at kim@potofgoldestate.com.

Pot of Gold Auctioneers Noah, Gary & Bobby D.
Our Auctioneers:From left to right: Gary, Bobby D and Noah

Pot of Gold Estate Autioneer Noah Ehlert looking through his champion auctioneer trophy.
Noah Ehlert with his championship trophy
Noah Ehlert, was raised in an auctioneer family by Gary Dehler, and along with brother, Bobby D. have over 50 years of auction experience combined. All graduates of the World Wide College of Auctioneering, Noah and Bobby D. in 2001, and Gary in 1978. Gary specializes in classic automobile auctions and dealer car auctions. While Noah is a jack of all trades, specializing in all forms of auctioneering and serving as a professional bidder assistant, Bobby D. specializes in salvage auto auctions, general merchandise and charity auctions, and Gary specializes in classic automobile auctions and dealer car auctions.

Bobby D Pot of Gold Auctioneer.
Bobby D.
All three work together on a weekly basis and are proud to offer a true father and son dynamic to the auction industry. Combined they have performed thousands of auctions with millions of dollars of merchandise sold in almost every state in the nation.

We are proud to have them as our auctioneers for our Pot of Gold Estate auctions.

The Whole AZF / POG Gang: Family, Volunteers, and Staff
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